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Support for the real estate industry.

Quick and easy access to public record information throughout the country allows us to offer a wide array of services needed by lenders, realtors, attorneys and settlement companies.

Apple Leaf Abstracting
29 East Philadelphia Street
York, PA 17401


Current Owner Searches

We check and report on all open mortgages, judgments, suits, secured transactions from the Recorder of Deeds’ Office, adverse conveyances, estate and property taxes on the present owner.

Full Title Searches

We check all mortgages, rights-of-way, restrictions and any adverse conveyances against owners in chain of title for at least 60 years, including judgements, estate information, property taxes and suits. We also report judgments on owners from the previous 20 years to current cover date, as well as, any suits on the present owner, secured transactions, estate and property taxes.

Searches can also be ordered for twenty, thirty or forty years.

Public Records Search / Research

We search public records for the information you need. UCC searches from the Recorder of Deeds’ Office, judgments, mortgages, deeds and tax map/plan copies are examples of information available to you.


We perform pre-settlement and post-settlement bringdowns for our clients.

Apple Leaf Abstracting